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  • Introducing the 11th National Executive BoardThe 12 members who are serving as NATCA's national and regional leadership through Aug. 31, 2021.

  • Facility Spotlight - Wilmington, Del (ILG)The facility has 12 NATCA members, nine of which are Certified Professional Controllers (CPCs), and three developmental trainees. ILG has seen a renaissance in Union activism over the last few years, with increasing ILG member participation at NATCA local, regional, and national events. 

  • The NATCA-Represented Airports Division (ARP): ARP NATCA Rep Brad Davidson: "My most important role in ARP has been as the NATCA national representative. This role is clearly larger than myself and my contributions impact all of our members and bargaining unit employees. I take this role very seriously and with great pride representing all of the hard working employees in ARP."


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